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Facts Regarding Measure R

A Message from Chief Justin McDonald


Dear Neighbor,

It has never been more important to keep our community safe and secure from urban and wildland fires, medical emergencies, earthquakes, and other potential disasters by maintaining adequate and responsive levels of trained personnel and equipment. That’s why your Arcata Fire Protection District wants to engage you directly on these important issues and participate in critical decisions moving forward. A recent independent survey reported that 83% of the residents of the District are satisfied or very satisfied with the way they are receiving fire protection and emergency medical services. 

Those residents identified the following as their top priorities:

  • Maintaining and expanding upon available local emergency medical services    

  • At a minimum maintaining current full-time firefighter positions

  • Repairing and replacing aging firefighting equipment

  • Continuing to support the District’s professional staff by engaging a force of well trained and prepared volunteer firefighters


It is our sincere objective to support those priorities as your safety is and will always be our focus.
Frankly, given the economic realities of the situation, the District is struggling to meet the demands placed on it. As we all witnessed in California last October diligence and preparation is necessary to meet the ever-increasing potential for man-made and natural events to strain and conceivably overwhelm our ability to respond. Therefore we must look at many options to meeting these challenges.

As we continue to plan for our mutual future, we need to hear from you. Join the conversation by letting us know what YOUR priorities are by completing the Community Feedback Survey today. Please follow the link to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding the funding measure.

If you would like more information regarding the proposed funding measure or you would like the District to provide a presentation to a group regarding the State of the District and the proposed funding measure, please fill out the online form below and we will be in touch with you soon.

Justin McDonald

Fire Chief

Please fill out this online form to request more information