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How Does This Affect You ?

Disclaimer: Arcata Fire District is in no way sharing this information with the intent to persuade the public to vote one way or the other. Our only goal is to raise awareness of the proposed funding measure and provide factual information so that the public can make their own, informed decision.



What will the new tax cost me and is this in addition to what I already pay? 

This new special parcel tax would replace the 1997 Special Tax and would be in addition to the 2006 Benefit Assessment.  As recommended by a community survey, the new tax, if approved, would not have an inflation factor and would expire in 10 years.  Before the end of the 10-year term, the community would again be asked to support another measure to continue the tax. 


Can the District justify the need and show how it will help the community?  

Keeping three stations open is an investment in the community.  By retaining the current level of staffing & keeping 3 stations open, the District can maintain its insurance rating, thereby keeping your fire insurance premium as low as possible and ultimately ensuring rapid emergency medical and fire response. 

I am a senior citizen and on a fixed income.  Is there any exemption for me on this tax if it passes?

The State of California, the County of Humboldt and the Fire District do not have a mechanism to exempt seniors or persons on fixed income.  The only County recognized exemption that we honor is a permanently disabled veteran (via application)

If the District fails to pass the tax measure, how will it affect my family and me? 
  • We will be forced to reduce on-duty personnel down to 4.

  • We will close a fire station.

  • 3 Battalion Chief positions will be eliminated.

  • There will be layoffs and elimination of 6 Firefighter positions.


Insurance costs will increase because we will not be able to maintain our insurance rating (ISO), thereby keeping insurance premiums affordable or preventing your insurance from potentially being cancelled altogether.  


Without funding for items such as public education or fire prevention, the District will not be able to visit schools, provide “swag” to children, provide no cost batteries or smoke alarms and installs (low income and shut-ins), fire extinguisher training or business safety inspections.  The focus will be only on emergency responses and our state mandated prevention inspections. 


Which station would you close if it fails?

This decision cannot be made at this time; there are too many factors for the Board to consider before making a decision.  


These include: 

  • Area of greatest demand for service/call volume

  • Area of greatest potential loss from fire

  • Equity to the community.

  • Public Safety

  • Employee Safety