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Keep up to date with Measure F 

When will the third station open?

Good news! The District Board has approved a plan to soft open the third fire station.  Many things have come into play that allowed the Board to make this decision.

Fire helmet outline with an F on the front
  1. The District has completed the recruit academy for five new employees, which brought the staffing level to 15 line staff. 
  2. The Local 4981 engaged a side letter with the District in March 2021 to modify the shift employee work-week to a 72 hours on, 96 hours off rotation.  This schedule mandates each employee work an overtime shift every week. 
  3. Due to departures of employees and retirements this past year, the District incurred savings in salaries and benefits.  Staff estimated that $430,000 was available in roll-over funds. 
  4. The two senior Engineers are Company Officer qualified and are eligible to be assigned as interim captains to cover open shifts.

The term “soft” opening represents the concept of the District still having the availability to brown out a station if necessary. If an employee calls in sick or uses time off, three-station staffing could not be met and a station would need to be browned out.

For the month of August, 18 of the 31 days will have all stations open.

It is important that the District maintain this “soft opening option” until all positions are fully staffed and the Measure F funding is allocated in January 2022.

District staff has just completed reviewing the 13,000+ parcels on the County Assessor’s list.  This list is checked to ensure that the proper tax rate is applied to each parcel before it is sent to the County Tax Collector to be applied to the 2022 tax bills. By law, this process is to be completed no later than August 10th of each year. 

The District is currently ramping up to conduct another round of hiring and promotions.  Advertisements for the Measure F funded positions will be released toward the end of September and the interview/assessments will tentatively occur the week of November 8th.  The new employees are projected to start their recruit academy shortly after the new year. 

Regular updates will be provided as new information becomes available. Please check our website and social media for these updates regarding our hiring process and any other information related to Measure F funding. 

How will the District meet its goals?

                                                                   The Goals are to: 

Clipboard Reading goals and a shooting target with an arrow at the center
  • Restore 8 vacant firefighting positions that have been frozen due to budget cuts.
  • ​​Re-opening the third fire station to ensure safe and rapid emergency, fire, and medical responses.
  • ​​Ensure there are adequate dollars applied to the Vehicle Replacement Fund to address aging firefighting equipment as needed.
  • ​Replenish the emergency reserve funds that were spent over the past three budget cycles to maintain operations.



​​Year 1  Fiscal Year 21-22                  
  1. Hire and train five firefighters.                
  2. Re-open closed fire station after new firefighters are trained.                
  3. Set aside $200,000 for the equipment and vehicle replacement fund. 
​​ Year 2  Fiscal Year 22-23 
  1. Hire and train three firefighters.  This will fully restore all vacant positions.
  2. Replace a high mileage command vehicle.
  3. Set aside $200,000 for the equipment and vehicle replacement fund.
​​Year 3 Fiscal Year 23-24 
  1. Replace one high mileage fire engine.
  2. Set aside $200,000 for the equipment and vehicle replacement fund.
​​ Year 4  Fiscal Year 24-25
  1. Update outdated radio system.
  2. Set aside $200,000 for the equipment and vehicle replacement fund.
​​ Year 5  Fiscal Year 25-26
  1. Set aside $200,000 for the equipment and vehicle replacement fund.

What will the new tax cost me in addition to what I already pay for my fire taxes?

  • Vacant/Unimproved = $25 per year
  • Mobile Home in a Park = $75 per year
  • Single Family Residence = $98 per year
  • Rural Improved = $162 per year
  • Multi-Family Residential (2-4 units) = $269 per year
  • Multi-Family Residential (5-9 units) = $338 per year
  • Multi-Family Residential (10+ units) =  $405 per year
  • ​Commercial = $486 per year
  • Industrial = $810 per year
  • ​​Retail over 10,000 sq feet = $850 per year