Volunteer Logistics Unit.

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"I want to help my community but I don't want to fight fires!"


About the VLU:


Arcata Fire District’s Volunteer Logistics Unit (VLU) personnel are invaluable support members of the Fire District team at significant emergency, non-emergency, and training events.


Members of the VLU are not assigned to fire suppression or rescue tasks such as operating fire engines, deploying hose lines, extinguishing fires, ventilating buildings, using hydraulic tools, climbing tall ladders, searching potentially dangerous areas, or extricating victims.


Instead, VLU members are trained for and assigned to a variety of critical support tasks, freeing up firefighters for more demanding and/or dangerous assignments. 



Typical VLU Duties:


As directed by an authorized member of the District, VLU members may be assigned to such duties as traffic control, assisting at a staging area or command post, refilling breathing apparatus air bottles, and providing working firefighters with behind-the-scene “rehab” support to ensure they are physically and mentally capable to safely continue working. Additionally, VLU members may carry out other services to the District such as administrative and clerical tasks, prevention activities, and other duties as assigned.  Generally, VLU members are expected to learn and perform a wide range of skills in a variety of settings, rather than having just one or two specialty roles.



New Member Selection Process:


The recruitment process is on-going for VLU. District accepts written hard-copy applications for VLU members year-round.  Application forms may be downloaded, completed, and printed here. 

The selection process to join the VLU includes an application review, oral interview, DMV and background checks, Live Scan, and medical examinations. After appointment, each VLU member is required to successfully complete in-house training and to meet minimum participation standards. A three-year service commitment is expected.