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Volunteer Firefighter

Become a Volunteer Firefighter! 

No experience is necessary.  The Arcata Fire District (AFD) provides all training, uniforms, and personal protective clothing at no charge to our members. After completing training and demonstrating proficiency, Arcata Fire District volunteer firefighters may be assigned to a wide- variety of exciting and challenging emergency tasks such as fire suppression, rescue, and providing life-saving medical assistance.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of personally providing swift and effective emergency assistance to a community member when they are in dire need of help! Our volunteer firefighters experience a strong sense of satisfaction knowing that they make a positive difference as essential members of the AFD emergency services team.

A group of firefighters at a fire.

Why Join?

Some of our firefighters are established members of the local community who are volunteering in addition to their family and work obligations. Others are college students seeking to gain several years of real-world experience to augment their academic education. An active volunteer seeking a future career as a career firefighter may, over the course of several years with Arcata Fire District, develop an impressive résumé of training, certifications, skills, knowledge, work experience, and professional references.

Regardless of their career or personal goals, all AFD volunteer firefighters enjoy a special sense of pride and team spirit. Serving alongside and wearing the same uniform, volunteers and paid firefighters work closely together during training, emergencies, maintenance, and mealtimes at our three stations. The fire service is often described as a close-knit “family”, and many of our firefighters have forged strong new life-long friendships with “brother” and “sister” firefighters after their appointment to Arcata Fire District. 

In return for their service, AFD provides volunteers with in-house training, emergency response experience, advanced firefighter classes, and worker’s compensation insurance.


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