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Volunteer Firefighter Duties

Each month, every AFD volunteer firefighter is required to work one or more pre-scheduled shifts as part of an engine crew at a fire station (when shift assignments are scheduled, the District seeks to consider each volunteer’s personal needs). The total hours of shifts completed must meet or exceed 24 hours per month.

Under the direction of a supervisor, volunteer firefighters wear a uniform and perform many of the same duties as the paid staff, including responding to all types of calls for service: structure fires, wildland fires, vehicle fires, medical aid calls, vehicle accidents, public service assists, community education events, and other emergency and non-emergency calls. During their shifts, volunteers are expected to participate in daily training, fitness workouts, maintenance, and other activities of their assigned engine crew. 

Each month, all-volunteer firefighters are expected to attend an evening and/or weekend Drill, where new and refresher training is provided to volunteers.

Also, all firefighters are provided with a wireless pager that they are encouraged to monitor when they are in the area and reasonably available for an emergency call-out. Many volunteers keep their District-issued protective helmet, boots, and fire-resistant “turn-out” clothing at the ready in their personal vehicle. When a major fire or other serious emergency occurs, the pager will signal a need for additional personnel to respond, and our volunteer firefighters are encouraged to report directly to the scene or to a fire station as appropriate for the circumstances.


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