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2023 Year-End Report

The District ended Calendar Year 2023 with 3540 calls for service, of which *most* were EMS/Medical Aids. To see the rest of the annual stats for 2023, please check out the stat pages and the gallery of a few of our larger incidents below:

A bar chart showing monthly call volume for the Arcata Fire District in 2023, with totals for types of calls below.
A graphic with incident statistics: pie charts of incident percentages per zone and count by shift, and a heat map showing incident distribution by area.
May contain: electronics, mobile phone, and phone
Bar chart showing incidents by day of week; text about renumbering fire department apparatus and their station assignments.
A colorful area graph showing "Incident Count Per Hour" across different regions over a 24-hour period.
An infographic showing inspection data for different categories: Apartment, Hotel/Motel, School, and Sprinkler System, with total inspections and percentages.
A bar graph titled "Call Stacking / Overlapping Incidents" with monthly data and a key showing "Initial Call" and "Overlap" in different colors.
Bar chart titled "Fire Marshal Activity Count" with categories for building projects, inspections, enforcement, meetings, and other, indicating activity frequencies.
A graphical summary of a Public Information Officer's social media management, including posts, press releases, interviews, and follower statistics.
An infographic list of fire prevention and P.I.O. specialist training courses, including dates and formats.

Larger-scale incident gallery below:



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