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Fire Stations.

The Arcata Fire District has three strategically placed Fire Stations located within its 62 square mile boundaries.  Each station is equipped with special apparatus to respond to target hazards within its jurisdiction.

Arcata Station.

631 9th Street, Arcata CA 95521

Arcata Station was built in 1949, after the Firemen's Hall located on the property burned down in 1945. Prior to that, the Fire Apparatus' were housed at the Old City Hall on the northeast corner of Ninth & G Streets.  1956 saw the building of the 2-story portion of the station that includes the dining room/classroom and the living quarters.  In 1963, an addition was put onto the back of the offices and apparatus bay.  In 1990, two of the apparatus bays were converted into additional offices and the building was seismically upgraded.  Arcata Station was staffed for the first time by career personnel, Angie Dernedde and Neal Narayan, on Thanksgiving Day in 2012.  The much-needed modernization of the station in 2015  was possible with funds donated by community members.

Mad River Station.

3235 Janes Road, Arcata CA 95521

Mad River Station was constructed in 1975 and opened in January of 1976.  Since then, the parking was expanded and in 2002, a new building was built to house the Truck.  There has also been several interior upgrades in the living room and office areas. Dave White (who later promoted to Fire Chief) worked the first shift at Mad River Station. The District responded to around 300 calls that year - mostly fires.  Mad River station is now the central station for the Fire District and houses props for training.


McKinleyville Station was the first District-owned station. The station was built in 1960 and staffed that same year by the District's first paid-firefighters: Bill McKenzie (who later promoted to Fire Chief), Jerry Aggeler, and Milt Rickards. The parking lot in front of the station was removed when Central Avenue was widened to 4 lanes.  Additional property to the south was purchased in the late 1990's and was used to complete the expansion of the station and relocation of the Headquarters which was completed in 2017.

McKinleyville Station & District Headquarters.

2149 Central Avenue, McKinleyville CA 95519