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Measure F Citizen Advisory Committee

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In an effort to increase voter acceptance for Measure “F” the Arcata Fire Protection District recommended provisions establishing and appointing members to a Citizens Advisory Committee to monitor and provide oversight of the voter-approved special tax funds. Upon receipt of the special taxes, the District shall cause those funds to be deposited in a special tax account or such other account established by the District which allows the District to properly account for the special taxes in compliance with the provisions of Government Code Section 50075.1. Funds deposited into this account cannot be used for any other purpose than those outlined in Section 2 of Ordinance 20-20.

Overview of Committee Duties

The purpose of the Committee shall be to inform the public at least annually in a written report concerning the expenditure of the funds received, or expected to be received, by the District. In carrying out this purpose the Committee shall:

  • Actively review and report on the proper expenditure of taxpayers’ money related to the purpose and intent of Measure F, which is defined in Section 2 of Ordinance 20-20 as: “The proceeds from this special tax shall be used solely for the purpose of providing fire protection, rescue, and emergency medical services within the District. In particular, the special tax will be used to maintain and improve the current level of community-based fire protection services provided by the District. This includes annual budget support to maintain current firefighter positions, and provide for adequate firefighting equipment, apparatus, and necessary capital improvements, consistent with the needs of the residents of the District and the Fire Protection District Law of 1987.”
  • Become familiar with current and projected District revenues and expenditures;
  • Participate in a public forum reviewing expenditures of funds derived from the special tax;
  • Advise the public as to whether the District is in compliance with the requirements of Ordinance 20-20;
  • Make a determination that funds are expended only for the purpose established by Ordinance 20-20;
  • Acknowledge that the Committee shall not have the authority to override, or veto, any District determination to expend or commit funds in a particular manner; 
  • Ensure that an annual independent financial audit or performance audit is performed that is satisfactory to the Committee.
  • Work collaboratively with the District staff and Board and members of the public to address potential public concerns about the expenditure of funds derived from the special tax.
  • Provide an annual report of findings of the Committee of expenditures and compliance with Ordinance 20-20.
MemberTerm Expiration
Nancy Reichard -ChairpersonDecember 2023
Robin QuigleyDecember 2024
Kevin JenkinsDecember 2024
VacantDecember 2023
VacantDecember 2024



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