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Arcata Fire District Receives Generous Grant from the Simpson Family Fund - May 14, 2021



Four adult males with newly donated fire fighting equipment
Pictured Left to Right Arcata Fire Chief Justin McDonald, Green Diamond Vice President and General Manager Jason Carlson, Arcata Volunteer Firefighters Association President Roy Willis, and Fire Captain Ross McDonald

(McKinleyville, CA) – The Simpson Family Fund has purchased specialized rescue packs and donated them to the Arcata Fire District.  These rescue packs are carried on each fire engine and are specially designed to assist if a firefighter became trapped and needed additional air to breathe in smoky conditions.  The pack carries a 1-hour bottle of breathing air, a spare air mask, and additional tools to support the firefighter emergency. 

Old and new bright orange bags containing life saving fire equipment
RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) Packs New vs. Old
Gas powered fan and battery operated fan
PPV (Positive Pressure Ventilation) FanOlder gas power model on left, new battery operated on the right

The grant-funded purchase also included new battery-operated high-volume ventilation fans. The battery-powered ventilation fans will replace the older gas-powered models, currently carried on the fire engines.  These new fans are lighter and smaller, which allows them to be easily deployed by one firefighter.  Additionally, by being electric, the fans will not produce exhaust fumes like the gas-powered units.  The battery power supply can be augmented by an extension cord for long-term operations.  These fans are primarily used to blow smoke out of buildings after a fire, however, they can also be used to remove toxic fumes or circulate fresh air into an enclosed area.

The Arcata Fire District would like to thank Green Diamond and the Simpson Family Fund for their generous donation and the Arcata Volunteer Firefighters Association for their hard work facilitating this grant.  “I cannot express enough thanks to our local Green Diamond representatives and to the Simpson Family for their continued support of our firefighters,” stated fire Chief Justin McDonald “this equipment is greatly appreciated.”

“We are happy to support our local first responders that protect the communities where our employees live and recreate,” said Green Diamond Vice President and General Manager Jason Carlson.  Simpson Timber Company was founded in 1890 by Sol Simpson.  Green Diamond Resource Company was created in 2003 with timberlands contributed by Simpson Timber. The Simpson family remains engaged in management of the Company and support for charities in communities where the Company has operations.

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