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Commercial Structure Fire, McKinleyville - June 10, 2021


May contain: person and human

 (McKinleyville, CA) – Just before 8 am this morning, Arcata Fire District along with CalFire, Westhaven Fire, and Blue Lake Fire was dispatched to a commercial structure fire in the McKinleyville Shopping Center. Fire Chief Justin McDonald was first to arrive and confirmed smoke coming from the roof overhang area. The roofing crew confirmed that they had smoke in the area they were working and discharged fire extinguishers after calling 911. 

Based on the building size with smoke visible, the Incident Commander requested the response be augmented to include the truck from Humboldt Bay Fire and additional engines from CalFire and Samoa Peninsula Fire.

May contain: person, human, and fireman

Crews accessed the roof as well as the exterior attic area and found light smoke with no active fire. The firefighters used chainsaws on the roof to gain entry to where the smoke was found. The source of the smoke was contained to the structural portion of the interior attic where the roof and attic meet. Minimal damage was done to the building and a small amount of water was used. The businesses were able to maintain operational status.

Ladder reaching to attic ceiling that was cut open

Arcata Fire would like to thank our mutual aid providers for assisting us this morning and offer thanks for the quick actions of the roofing team for early notification to 911 and deployment of their fire extinguishers.


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