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Physical Ability Testing

May contain: clothing, apparel, person, human, shoe, footwear, and running shoe


(Updated October 18, 2017)


Physical Ability Testing:

All volunteer firefighters are required to successfully complete the State of California Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) prior to appointment. This test is administered several times a month at different Firefighter Candidate Testing Centers (FCTCs) around the state. Each candidate is responsible for their own reservations, travel, practice run (if desired), and test arrangements and

expenses (although the District may reimburse the test fee for successful candidates upon appointment to the District and submission of evidence that they completed the test at their own expense in the prior 12 months). More information about the CPAT may be found at, with links as to how to train and make reservations. Candidates who submit proof they have passed the CPAT within the past 12 months may be given preference over candidates who do not. Potential applicants should recognize the importance of the CPAT and prepare accordingly; as many as 50% of candidates fail this test.

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