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Public Records Guidelines & Procedure

Requests for public records maintained by the Arcata Fire District, not exempt from disclosure can be made using the attached form.  The completed form can be submitted by email, mail, or in-person using the following information:

Email requests to:

In-Person or mail requests:

Arcata Fire District                                                                                                                    Request for Records                                                                                                                          2149 Central Avenue                                                                                                    McKinleyville, CA 95519                           

In-person, requests must be made during the Administrative Office's regular business hours. Arcata Fire District has 10 days from the date the request is received to respond to the requestor.

While it is free to review records on-site, the District will charge for providing copies of public records in accordance with California law. Copies of the requested public records that are not exempt from disclosure will only be available upon prepayment of fees covering the direct cost of duplication.

PRA Request Form - Form Fill.pdf


Please be advised of the following costs associated with the request:

                               REPORTS  FEE
 Incident Reports (Current Files) - Per Report up to 10 pages$10.00
Archive Files Search - Copies at cost$20.00
Copies of Photos, CD's or Electronic Data$20.00 + Material Cost
Subpoenaed Reports (All) - Copies at cost$24.00
Additional Copies at Cost$.10
     Letter Size$.12
     Large Manila$.26



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