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Board Policy Manual: Section 5.11 - Board Philosophy for Fire District Reserves

The Fire District’s Reserve Policy has been developed to ensure adequate ongoing funding for operating expenses and liabilities to maintain funds for specific purposes and future uncertainties and to uphold the district’s investment grade bond ratings. In addition, the District is to maintain a minimum fund balance of at least 50 percent of the operating revenues in the General Fund at Fiscal Year-End. The policy also ensures that the District’s fiscal management adheres to all related Government Accounting Standards with proper classifications applied to all Reserve Funds. Specifically, the District maintains classified Reserve funds for the following:

  • General Fund (Committed)
  • AFPD Contingency Designation (Assigned)
  • AFPD Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) Designation (Assigned)
  • AFPD Capital Improvements Designation (Assigned)
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