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Resolutions 2024

Below is a list of the current year's District adopted Resolutions.  Complete copies of Resolutions are available upon request to the Administrative Office. 

Resolution No. AdoptedDescriptionAmendedRescinded
24-31306/11/24Approving the 180 wait period exception - McDonald
24-31206/11/24Approving the 180 wait period exception - Schuette
24-31106/11/24Calling for an Election to Suspend the Gann (Appropriations) Limit
24-31006/11/24Confirm Biennial Review of the Conflict of Interest
24-30906/11/24Establish Benefit Assessment Rate for FY 24/25
24-30806/11/24Adoption of FY 24/25 Appropriation (Gann) Limit
24-30705/14/24Authorizing Account Signers to the US Bank Account
24-30605/14/24Adopting a New Master Salary Schedule23-295
24-30505/14/24Recognizing that Resolution No. 11-131 Supersedes Resolution No. 06-110 06-110
24-30405/14/24Declaring Intention to Reimburse Certain Expenditures from the Proceeds of Tax-Exempt Obligations
24-30304/09/24Authorizing a Secured Property Tax Revenue Exchange Between the County of Humboldt and the Arcata Fire Protection District
24-30204/09/24Authorizing Destruction of Certain Fire District Records
24-30103/12/24Approving Financing for New Fire Engine
24-30002/13/24Authorizing Transfer of Cash from Treasury to CalTRUST
24-29902/13/24Authorizing Updated Signers to District Accounts
24-29801/12/24Acknowledging Receipt of Annual Fire and Life Safety Inspections
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