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Resolutions Previous Years 

Resolution No. AdoptedDescriptionAmendedRescinded
20-23012/08/20Adoption of Humboldt Operational Area Hazards Mitigation Plan
20-22912/08/20Approving the 2021 Regular Board Meeting Schedule
20-22812/08/20Approving Disposal of Surplus Equipment & Supplies
20-22711/10/20Honoring and Recognizing Rene Campbell for Her Service as a Board Director 
20-22609/08/20Adoption of FY 2020/21 Budget
20-22507/14/20Submitting for November Election, a Proposed Ordinance Adjusting the Rate of the 1997 Special Tax and Consolidate Election
20-22407/14/20Update Master Salary Schedule by Resolution No. 21-231
20-22307/14/20Acknowledging Receipt of Annual Fire & Life Safety Inspections Required by Code
20-22206/09/20Setting the Rate Per Unit for the 1997 Special Tax for FY 2020-21
20-22106/09/20Setting the Rate Per Unit for the 2006 Benefit Assessment for FY 2020/21
20-22006/09/20Adoption of Appropriation (Gann) Limit for FY 2020/21
20-21904/14/20Declare 1127 Old Arcata Road Surplus Property to Sell
20-21804/14/20Emergency Declaration Temporarily Changing the Location of Public Meetings as Related to Covid-19
20-21704/14/20Granting Another Designate Period for Two Years Additional Service Credit 
19-21612/10/19Approving the Disposal of Surplus Equipment & Supplies
19-21512/10/19Approving the 2020 Regular Board Meeting Schedule
19-21411/12/19Submitting for March 2020 Election, a Proposed Ordinance Adjusting the Rate of the 1997 Special Tax and Consolidate Election
19-21311/12/19Approving the 6th Amended JPA Agreement for FAIRA & Updated Liability Risk Coverage Agreement
19-21210/08/19Findings Related to Adoption of the 2019 Fire Code
19-21109/10/19Adoption of FY 2019/20 Budget
19-21009/10/19Approving the Agreement for Dispatch Services with CalFire
19-20909/10/19Authorizing the Destruction of Certain Fire District Records
19-20806/11/19Setting the Rate Per Unit for the 1997 Special Tax for FY 2019/20
19-20706/11/19Setting the Rate Per Unit for the 2006 Benefit Assessment for FY 2019/20
19-20606/11/19Adoption of Appropriation (Gann) Limit for FY 2019/20
19-20505/14/19Authorizing the Destruction of Certain Fire District Records
19-20403/12/19Authorizing the Destruction of Certain Fire District Records
19-20302/12/19Approving the Disposal of Surplus Equipment & Supplies
18-20211/20/18Approving the 2019 Regular Board Meeting Schedule
18-20109/18/18Adoption of FY2018/19 Budget
18-20008/21/18Commending Arcata Fire Personnel & Their Families for Outstanding Professional Responses and Support During the 2018 Regional Wildland Fire Disaster
18-19907/17/18Industrial Disability Retirement of Firefighter Brett Kennard (CONFIDENTIAL)
18-19806/19/18Revised Master Salary Schedule by Resolution 20-224
18-19706/19/18Setting the Rate Per Unit for the 1997 Special Tax for FY 2018/19
18-19606/19/18Setting the Rate Per Unit for the 2006 Benefit Assessment for FY 2018/19
18-19506/19/18Adoption of Appropriation (Gann) Limit for FY 2018/19
18-19406/19/18Restating (correcting) Appropriation Limits FY 2004/05 through 2017/18
18-19305/15/18Honoring and Recognizing Director Linda Sundberg
18-19205/15/18Honoring and Recognizing Director John Davis
18-19103/20/18Approval to Switch to CAL-Card
18-19003/20/18Records Destruction Authorization
18-18902/20/18Amending Ordinance 09-14 Schedule of Fees
18-18802/20/18Surplus Property Disposal
18-18702/20/18Mid-Year Budget and County Funds Transfer for Contingencies
17-18612/19/17Changing Credit Card Companies from CCCU to Chase Ink
17-18512/19/17Surplus Property Disposal
17-18411/21/17Salary Schedule with revisions
17-18311/21/172018 Regular Board Meeting Schedule
17-18209/19/17Membership in the Humboldt Area Chapter of the CSDA
17-18109/19/17Surplus Property Policy and Guidelines
17-18009/19/17Records Management Policy Manual and Retention Schedule
17-17906/20/17Establish Special Tax
17-17806/20/17Establish Benefit Assessment Rate
17-17706/20/17Adoption of Gann Limit
17-17606/20/17Update to Master Fee Schedule
17-17506/20/17Establishment of Program to charge mitigation rates for Emergency & Non-emergency services provided/rendered
17-17405/16/17CalOES Form 130 Designation of Applicant's Agent for Non-State Agencies
17-17303/21/17Honoring and Recognizing Steve Tyler
17-17203/03/17Rescheduling Elections in Compliance with SB415
17-17102/21/17Adoption of the Conflict of Interest Code
17-17002/21/17Adoption of Purchasing Policy
17-16902/21/17Adoption of Board Policy & Procedures Manual
16-16812/13/16Adoption of 2017 Master Fee Schedule
16-16712/13/16Honoring and Recognizing Dennis Lindstrom
16-16612/13/16Adoption of the 2016 Fire Code
16-16511/18/16Adoption of Salary Schedules for PERS Audit Finding #1
16-16408/16/16Adoption of the Master Salary Schedule
16-16306/23/16Exception to the 180 Day Wait Period PERS - Lindke
16-16206/14/16Establish Special Tax
16-16106/14/16Establish Benefit Assessment Rate
16-16006/14/16Adoption of Gann Limit
16-15905/17/16Adoption of Lexipol Policy Manual as Amended
16-15805/17/16Approval of Dept. of Forestry & Fire Protection Services from 1/1/16 to 6/30/19
16-15702/16/16Approval of exchange of property tax with the Fieldbrook-Glendale CSD for Properties Affected by LAFCO Resolution 15-08
16-15601/12/16Approval of Local 4981 MOU 07/21/15 thru 06/30/2016
16-15501/12/16Approval of SMG MOU 01/01/2015 thru 12/31/2015
15-15406/16/15Establish Special Tax
15-15306/16/15Establish Benefit Assessment Rate
15-15206/16/15Adoption of Gann Limit
15-15106/16/15Calling for vote by registered voters residing within the AFPD to approve a special tax
15-15003/17/15Fire Department Response away from Official Duty Station & Assigned to an Emergency Incident
15-14901/22/15Grant Application for North Humboldt Bay Emergency Flood Plan