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Resolutions 2021

Below is a list of the 2021 District adopted Resolutions.  Complete copies of Resolutions are available upon request to the Administrative Office. 

Resolution No. AdoptedDescriptionAmendedRescinded
21-25112/14/21Adopting an Unfunded Accrued Liability Pension Management Policy 
21-25012/14/21Approving Disposal of Surplus Equipment & Supplies 
21-24912/14/21Approving the Schedule of Dates, Time and Location for the 2022 Regular Board Meetings
21-24811/09/21Recognizing, Honoring, and Commending Elena David for Her Service as a Director for the Arcata Fire Protection District Board
21-24710/12/21Making Findings Pursuant to Government Code Section 54953, as Amended by Assembly Bill 361, and Authorizing the Continued Use of Virtual Meetings
21-24609/14/21Approving the Form & Authorizing the Execution & Delivery of Certain Financing Documents in Connection with the Refinancing Part or All of the District's Outstanding Unfunded Accrued Liability to the California Public Employees' Retirement System, & Providing for Other Matters Properly Relating Thereto
21-24509/14/21Approving & Adopting a Debt Management Policy 
21-24409/14/21Adopting the Fiscal Year 2021-22 Budget
21-24309/14/21Identifying the Terms and Conditions for Fire District Response Away From Their Official Duty Station and Assigned to an Emergency Incident 
21-24208/10/21Approving Disposal of Surplus Equipment & Supplies
21-24108/10/21Approving Exemptions to Specific Parcels for the 2006 Benefit Assessment and 2020 Special Tax (Measure F)
21-24007/13/21Approving Disposal of Surplus Equipment & Supplies
21-23906/08/21Setting the Rate Per Unit for the 2006 Benefit Assessment for FY 2021/22
21-23806/08/21Adoption of Appropriation (Gann) Limit for FY 2021/22
21-23705/11/21Approving an Early Step Increase and Stipend to the Fire Inspector Position Currently Held by Matt Knowles
21-23605/11/21Recognizing the Business Manager Position as Part of the Senior Management Group
21-23503/13/21Adoption of a New Master Salary Schedule for the 72/96 Work Schedule
21-23403/13/21Authorizing CalPERS to Recognize the 72/96 Work Week Schedule by Resolution No. 22-253
21-23302/09/21Adoption of Policies to Use Classification Under the Special Tax & Benefit Assessment
21-23201/12/21Certification of Election Results for Measure F Ordinance 20-20
21-23101/12/21Adoption of Revised Master Salary Scheduleby Resolution No. 21-235
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