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Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are utilized primarily in commercial spaces, but residences also have them installed from time to time. However, your sprinkler system is only functional and helpful if it has been properly inspected by a Prevention Team member of the fire department. 


Fire Sprinkler Component Testing Schedule:

Sprinkler mechanical devices  --> Quarterly

Vane and pressure switch devices  --> Semiannually

Complete fire sprinkler system test, including low flow tests, alarm tests, trip tests, deluge, preaction valves, antifreeze concentration tests, and fire pump tests  --> Annually

Sprinklers exposed to extra-high temps and harsh environments (Test or Replace)  --> Every 5 years

Gauges (Test or Replace)  --> Every 5 years

Dry sprinklers (Test or Replace)  --> Every 10 years

Fast-response sprinklers (Test or Replace)  --> 20 years initially, then every 10 years

Standard response sprinklers (Test or Replace)  --> 50 years initially, then every 10 years


Home fire sprinkler fact sheet


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