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When do I apply?

The District accepts written hard-copy applications for volunteer firefighters year-round. Electronic or faxed applications are not accepted. Click the link to the right to download, complete and print an application.

The annual recruitment and fall selection process are usually scheduled for August through November. In August, all new volunteer firefighter applications received in the past year will be opened, and the District will attempt to notify all applicants of the dates and places for these information and selection events via email. 

Applicants seeking to be appointed prior to the start of the January volunteer firefighter academy should submit a hard-copy of their application to District Headquarters before the end of August in order to meet the District deadline (exact date varies from year to year).

Applications from experienced volunteer firefighters who wish to transfer into the District on a lateral basis are opened and considered on a case-by-case basis. Lateral applicants also complete a structured selection process, facilitated as quickly as time and resources allow.

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