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Revenue Recovery

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Did you receive a bill from the Arcata Fire District and wonder if it was actually real?  The answer might surprise you.

California Health and Safety Code (HSC) Section 17921(b) defines the requirements for what local fire agencies (by the authority of the State Fire Marshal) must inspect on an annual basis. HSC Section 13146.2 explains that an inspecting agency has the authority to collect a fee for the required inspections.  

The Arcata Fire District Board adopted Ordinance 19-18, which includes a schedule of fees and charges that the District is authorized to charge for services.  The fees charged for inspections are related to "actual costs" of recovery.  The Fire Prevention Bureau Fee Worksheet is available for viewing below.

In an effort to recover actual costs for the state-mandated inspections, the Arcata Fire District Fire Inspectors record time spent during an inspection of the defined structures, which include apartment buildings, hotels, and motels. The owner of the property is then invoiced by a second-party company which the District has contracted with to recover said costs.  Fire Recovery USA has been granted permission to collect fees on our behalf.  

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Invoices may be emailed or sent regular mail, depending on the contact information available to the Inspectors.  Property owners will also receive regular reminders to pay, also via mail, email, and even text message. Fire Recovery USA is based out of Roseville, California, therefore that is the location your payment should be mailed to. Their invoices also include the option to pay with a credit card, which is a safe option when you use the links provided.

Invoices may also be issued for the collection of mitigation fees related to traffic collisions and vehicle fires. 

Please feel free to contact the District Administrative office if you have any questions about the fee recovery process. 

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